Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Cold Pressed Vegetable Juice Challenge Day 8

Its Curry Patta added to the vegetables today.
I have a small pot with a small plant of curry patta growing in my staircase,but as we are north Indians, I rarely used the curry patta given free by the vegetables vendors until I made Sambar or Upma oe something typically South Indian.
And when Shalini , my friend who Introduced me to the magic of cold pressed vegetable juices told me to add curry patta... I checked up about it.
And was I surprised.
We take ao much for granted. And push stereotypes.
For me Curry patta or meetha neem as it is also called, was just a seasoning.
But the ancients were so wise.
Almost every dish has a tempering of curry patta in the south.
All for good reason...
Curry patta helps keep your hemoglobin levels stable and ensure that you are never anemic. So a double plus for women. And especially those who are constantly struggling with one diet or the other.
These leaves are mildly laxative , but they are therapeutic for diarrhea. So like we make a little mix of ground ginger and salt and drink with water , you can do the same with curry patta leaves and buttermilk or yogurt.
That is why so many south Indian Lassi preparations contain chopped curry patta .
These leaves help protect your liver and your heart. Tbey also keep your digestive system functioning well.
And as if thats not enough,they have anti microbial powers too.
So skin Infections or fungal infections can be treated with a topical application of thepaste of curry leaves.
And a word for us forty plus women. Curry patta helps slow the greying of hair.
Good for you if you eat it or cook it in coconut oil and apply to your hair.

I have been drinking these juices everyday , just not posting daily as they arre the same. But every new addition and i am ensuring that I share my knowledge.
New found.
Todays Cold Pressed Vegetable Juice is

250 gms peeled and diced pumpkin
2 stalks curry patta
1 inch piece ginger
1 inch piece raw turmeric root
juice of 1 lemon
1 cucumber peeled
250 mils cold water

Place in the blender and liquidise.
Press the pulp through a steel strainer and include some pulp too.
Pour into a mason jar or two and share with someone you love.
Bottoms up!

My daily help has commented that she sees less hair while she sweeps the house. My tummy is behaving exceptionally well and my skin is glowing.

So taken up the challenge yet??

Lets add the goodness of Raw vegetables to our diet.


  1. Good Cold pressed juices Shalini.. thanks for sharing..