Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cold Pressed Vegetable Juice Challenge -Day 4

And today its beetroot.
Btw, congratulations,it's #Day4 .
I still had two days worth of ash gourd to go for my vegetable juice. So today and tomorrow,this is what it will have to be.
Beetroot. Did you know it's amazing.

It's supposed to be magic for all those athletes who consume beetroot juice after a super stressful workout session .
We had vegetable patches of beetroot back in our backyard in Jalandhar. I so miss the fresh,go pull out of the ground and use bit of living in a metropolis.
Even mint hasn't taken root...
But I have wheat grass...
Anyways, beetroot.
In my vegetable juice.
Did you know that beetroot is considered to be a superfood. 
It is known to control heart disease, because it controls blood pressure. Lowers cholesterol and cleanses blood vessels of plaque. It detoxifies the body by keeping kidney function optimal and it is beneficial to your bones and helps in osteoporosis. It's great in the anti cancer diet and is good for your pregnancy-(I've been there 17 years ago..) and it improves immunity.
So in all, free radicals and antioxidants guarantee anti aging benefits.
What's not to love in a beetroot.
So Ash gourd again, and beetroot.
The ash gourd 's virgin white was disparaged by the beetroot.

For #Day4 I used
1 medium beetroot 
250 GMs ash gourd 
Handful mint leaves 
1 inch piece ginger 
Juice of 1 lemon
250 mils cold water

Liquidised and blended and strained with a spoon full of fibre added.
Hola to good health.

Let's add the goodness of raw vegetables into our diet.

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