Tuesday, June 7, 2016

FabBag /Fab Bag June 2016 unboxing and Review

In my FabBag ... FabBag is a monthly subscription service for beauty products that are suited to your skin type and choice. I've been subscribing to FabBag since June 2014 and have never regretted my choice.
This is the first review that I'm doing because I'm really happy with what in my FabBag  this month.
Almost as it was perfectly tailored to suit me.
An under eye cream..full size.
Shea butter .
Skin Yoga coffee body scrub.
Aannnnnd ...
A beautifully royal purple eye liner.
The under eye cream is a full size tube. The 15 ml tube is specifically keyed for fine lines under the eyes. Especially if these eyes are sleeping in air conditioning.
I hope you are aware that whenever you spend a long time in air-conditioning it acts like a dehumidifier. Essentially drawing out the most vital moisture from your skin.
And as your skin ages, it's tendency to re humidify itself decreases.
So basically, you need more humidity to keep your skin supple and youthful.
And the areas around the eyes are extremely vulnerable to the atmosphere.
So this cream is very helpful. And I'm using it daily.
The Skin Yoga Coffee body scrub is an organic Coffee bean, coconut oil and sesame oil mix. It smells really nice and the sample size is sufficient for 5-6 uses. My only issue with the Skin Yoga products is that the products are slightly dry. I needed to add a lot of coconut oil and water to make the scrub spread easily. The scrub is Parapet free and preservative free , so I'll need to use it up within a months time.
I used extra virgin coconut oil that I make at home. I'll add a link to the video here.

The eyeliner, well you can see the color and the hue. The purple color on its own is not enough for night time use, so I used a midnight black eyeliner from Sugar . The color is really intense. And fun!!
And the Shea butter.
Smells amazing. And super soft.
I used it on my hands. I've been noticing that I've got an OCD. Like obsession for clean dry hands. So I end up washing and drying my hands atleast twenty times a day.
So this Shea butter is great. My only problem is that it's too oily for summers. So it'll be a blessing in winters.
And I love the bag....
So you can also subscribe to FabBag. The best deals are six months or a year long subscription.
Click on the link given and try.
So go ahead and try .http://www.fabbag.com/ The cost of a month is a quarter of the cost of products.
Do lemme know what you think.

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