Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Vegetable Juice Vs Fruit Juice -Vegetable Juice Challenge DAY1

Hello y'all...
The entire world is in love with juices.
Vegetable or Fruit, it's "juice" a matter of choice- yes the pun was intended.
I'm also a sucker for juice.
For the simple reason that it's easier to drink the essence of a whole lot of veggies or fruit , than it is to eat them.
So I've been doing the smooth smoothie bit for a while now.
However, when I calculate the calories, sip for each delicious sip...the calories just don't seem worth it.
And then we keep reading up about cold pressed and raw juices etc.
So I tried a few variants available in the market.
Yes they were yum, but in the long run I have my doubts about the efficacy of anything that comes in a bottle.
And of course,one needs to factor in the cost per bottle.
Truth be told, I'd rather buy a book or a ceramic owl than spend a few thousand rupees a month on raw, cold pressed juices.

So research.
Been doing that for a long time now. 
And simply stating,the benefits weigh out the inconvenience of juicing the veggies at home.

I used to have a centrifugal juicer. That's just a fancy name for the juicers available on the market. A mesh scraper that goes round and round at high speeds,using tangential properties and spewing out a small amount of juice and a large amount of pulp.
Most of the times the pulp has more juice than the juice itself.
And concentrated,vegetable juice is really yucky. If you know what I mean.
To a palate accustomed to sweet and's unnatural and quite disgusting.

So help or wisdom in this case came from one of my oldest friends,my namesake,who is a believer in the benefits of cold pressed juice.

All the equipment we need to start is a blender, a strong sieve and a lemon squeezer.
I will be documenting each day's progress in this blog and I do hope you follow.
So according to Shalini, twenty days is all it will take to bank the goodness of the vegetables in our bodies.
From then on,hair fall, bad skin, breakouts,minor ailments will all be history.

A few points to take care of
*All vegetable juice is to be consumed after 4-5 hours after waking. So as your digestive system is slow and sluggish in the morning,we'll need to allow it to wake up.
*Avoid the use of salt.
*No fruit is to be mixed into the vegetable juice.
*No adding Karela /bitter gourd or methi/fenugreek leaves.
Try an consume the juice ASAP. You may store it in the fridge,but it's better the antioxidants and free radicals work inside your body.
*Make this a daily ritual. Include your entire family. You don't need a bucket full of vegetable juice to reap benefits, a small glass per person will also suffice.
*Clean your blender jar and steel sieve immediately ,every day. You don't want mould or fungus growing there.

Today was my first day.
I used Red Pumpkin 200gms 
Mint leaves -handful 
Ginger 1 inch piece 
1 lemon 
1 glass cold water
              That's Red pumpkin vs Ash Gourd

I washed and peeled and chopped the pumpkin into small pieces. Into the blender jar, I added the ginger,mint and water.
I blended the veggies till they were pulpy.
I pushed as much juice as I could through my metal sieve. 
Squeezed a lemon into a glass, added the cold pressed juice and drank up.

This is my first instalment.
I used red pumpkin,but the image wasn't good enough to use.

This was #Day1 . Let's first get to twenty days...

Let's add the goodness of raw vegetables into our diet.

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