Monday, April 11, 2016

Cold Pressed Vegetable Juice Challenge -Day5

Day 5.
And then I had so much of beetroot.
Blood red beetroot. To this I added a days worth of Wheatgrass.
Yup. We're growing wheatgrass now.
The only grass that grows here. Ever since I read about how miraculous greens are, and I tried micro greens in my salad... Wheat grass was a must do.
Theses are just the shoots. I soaked dried fenugreek seeds in water overnight and used that water in my vegetable juice challenge. 
Skipped the ginger,only because we forgot to pick it upfront the "Bhajji" wala. And a half day later, I can tell the difference.
My tummy was happier with the ginger.
Again, I wanted a change from the pumpkin and gourds...
So my base for the vegetable juice was cucumber.

I used my smoothie maker for this juice.
Chopped the beetroot into small pieces.
Sliced my cucumber and added the wheatgrass.
The only change, I didn't strain the juice. I had it whole fibre and all.
It was thick and gloopy because of the wheatgrass fibres, but when you read the benefits of wheatgrass,you'll happily drink another glass.

Wheatgrass has more vitamin C than oranges and twice the vitamin A than carrots. It has potassium, sodium,calcium and magnesium ,all essential alkaline minerals that are important to the human body. 
It helps build blood and also cleanse the body. So free radicals,bye bye. It has amino acids that are building blocks of all cells. Active enzymes that can help break down fats are in wheatgrass,so apparently it aids weight loss.
Helps prevent cancer,by detoxification and alkalisation of cells. Boosts every and promotes digestion. Wheatgrass eliminates toxins from your bloods.
And there's so much more information...
Just if you look up.

I soaked wheat berries or regular wheat in water overnight and sprinkled them over soil on a pot. In direct sunlight, you can snip off wheatgrass within a few days.
So after I read all this good stuff,I'm really happy that I started this Vegetable juice challenge.
Are you going to start now?

Let's add the goodness of raw vegetables into our diet.

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