Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cold Pressed Vegetable Juice Challenge -Day7

Day 7
A week and my daily help is reporting fewer stray fallen hair after she swept the house.
I am jumping for joy.
Blessing my oldest friend Shalini for telling me about the magic of vegetable juices. I am now also going to make sure sweet child tries some daily.
He is now 16 years old and is dealing with acne and dandruff.
So if the acne gets resolved , his teenage will be so much happier.
So today is a repeat of yesterday.
Yellow pumpkin,Raw turmeric root, mint ,ginger and lemon juice.

Cold water and the veggies cut small, I increased the amount of mint and lemon juice.
Not wanting to make sweet child gag on the not so obvious taste of pumpkin, I made the juice minty.
He just drank it up.
No queries,no sulking and no crankiness.
So I now have a partner in my vegetable juice challenge.
Have you started adding juice to your life ?

Let's add the goodness of raw vegetables into our diet.

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