Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tomato Oatmeal Face Pack

Your kitchen is a storehouse of anti aging ,anti tan, skin polishing ,rejuvenation etc facials.
Yes, that's why a happy cook always has the best glowing and firm skin.
Blemish free,despite the fact that freckles and blemishes are part and parcel of fair skin.
Any person with red to red brown hair and fair skin will understand the curse of the freckles.
It sounds really Romantic,brown sugar sprinkles on whipped cream and stuff.
But ask a red head like Archie Andrews and many many more insignificant others , why they would trade their souls with the devil for clear blemish free skin.
Your skin is a result of your diet.
And broadly speaking, all those whose diet primarily comprises of rice, will have clear blemish free skin.
Those whose main dietary sources are wheat and wheat products will have freckles and facial hair.
Unfortunately, I can't quote my source, because for once I can not remember it. But based on observations, I guess, I can concur.
So mine is fair, blemish and freckles endowed skin.
And the primary focus of all face packs are reducing the same.
Tomatoes and yogurt are a great source of nutrition and skin lightening.
Oats are good fo skin, but here they act as exfoliating agents.
So your scrub is done too.

And generally,whenever you cook, you're invariably going to use either tomatoes or yogurt.

So we make a face pack of the same.

If you are prepping for a curry,start with the tomato.
Blend the tomatoes first in your clean spice free blender and save yourself a tablespoon.

Keep some oats, ground , in a jar for face packs such as this.

Use a clean glass bowl, place the spoonful of tomato pulp and add a spoonful of yogurt or curd.
Try to use the thick part and not the whey.
You want the lactic acid.
Now mix in a spoon of ground oats to get your face pack.
Mix well.
Apply evenly all over your clean face and neck, and if you are alone all over the part of your shoulders and arms that are exposed,with a clean brush.
You can either relax ,or read or just watch the world go buy.
Or maybe do some breathing exercises.
Just don't talk at this time.
When it dries a bit, wash off with cold water.
Spray rose water all over and pat dry.

Now go by your normal routine,applying your sunblock,make up and whatever else your skin loves.

And make sure you eat tomatoes and yogurt and oats too.
Nothing can nourish your skin better than a good diet.

Till the next, stay young,stay beautiful.

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