Saturday, December 12, 2015

Anti Aging Face Mask -Caffeinated

Now that I have gone ahead and admitted my age to the whole wide world, I am also going to admit a few more things. 
a) I am mildly claustrophobic and can't stand wet hands for a period longer than a few seconds. I can also not stand someone's hands on my face. I know ,weird, right?
b) I have undergone a facial only twice in my life. Once as a pre bridal before my wedding and the second time before my sisters wedding. And I enjoyed neither experience.
c) I love coffee.

So you see ,it's even more imperative for me to maintain a skin care routine regularly,as I do not indulge in professional facials.
My dresser drawers are full of a myriad of face masks and face packs.
But my favourite ones are all DIY.
And this one takes the cake.

My Anti Aging Face Mask -Caffeinated is something that I do atleast twice a week.

Honey, which is a humectant-or something that attracts water ,is very good for skin. It maintains a moisture level.
Yogurt or homemade curd is an age old anti tan, anti aging tonic. The lactic acid within cut the tan and bleaches the skin. And the same also acts as an anti aging plumper for your skin.
Wrinkles and crows feet don't stay if you apply cold yogurt on your face regularly.
And coffee.
The caffeine is almost like Botox.
It ensues that your skin gets revitalised ,ensuring that wrinkles are few and far between.
All you need is  

1/2 tsp honey
1/2 tsp curd without the whey- cold -straight out of the fridge 
1/2 tsp instant coffee

Mix in a small , clean glass bowl to get an even mix.
Wash your face with a mild face wash.
Tie your hair and cover your hair line with a band.
You don't want honey in your hair.
Use a face pack brush to apply evenly on your face, neck, shoulders and upper chest. 
Remember to take your face pack or mask down to below your necklines .
This ensures that tan lines and fine wrinkles are not visible.
Apply the remaining on your arms, hands ,feet and ankles too.
Lie down for about 15 minutes .
Make sure you don't chat on the phone or text.

Allow the skin around your eyes some relaxation.
The coffee mask will be just the right boost for you.
In mildly cold weather , yogurt is beneficial. If your skin is dry, go right ahead and use cream from milk. Malai. Or even soy cream.
And even for warmer weather , yogurt is good.
So wash off your mask with normal tap water. Never warm, and hot is a taboo.
Pat your skin dry and spray a bit of rose water.
After 10 minutes, continue as usual.

Remember, glowing,line and blemish free skin cannot be achieved overnight. You need a good diet and a good skin care routine.

And be happy.
Only then will your inner beauty be reflected on your skin.

'Till the next, stay young, stay beautiful.


  1. Curd & Coffee.... wow.... must try this :-)

    1. Thanks For visiting .I hope you did try this face mask.