Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy Birthday -A New Day

Happy birthday to me.

It's a new day, and it's another year gone by.
I'm on the other side of forty. Not just thirty something any more, I am forty something...and counting.
But this is not an acceptance of "Aunty ji" ... This is a war cry!

After that yearly ritual of ruing and regretting and realising that it's another year gone by...
What really used to hurt was the  sheer wastage of another year.
I know, I haven't scaled Mt. Everest this year too, I haven't auditioned for the American Idol either.
I haven't done the half marathon or a pilgrimage to Mt Kailash or even sky dived.
Such a long bucket list and such a long way to go.
There was so much I wanted to learn, to see and to do...
But another birthday comes ..and goes and my goal seem to be just that.
But I accept.
I accept I am forty and counting.
And I am not counting my regrets.

This one year has been good in a way.
I have relocated-again to Mumbai.
I have finally taken that sabbatical.
I have finally travelled alone. To a strange place and enjoyed myself like crazy. Without getting on a guilt trip.
I have a new iPad.
I am now forty something and NOT counting.
I am planning to grow old. 
I am planning to ignore the stray greys... Not Christian Gray - but those that grace my crowning glory.
I am now on a journey of no return from #FatToFit . 
I am going to try all the make up and face masks and nail art my friends and family give me... And what I buy.
I am going to buy a pair of denims a size smaller next year and I am not going for the chemical hair colour.
I am going to discover the joys of watching a movie alone and am going to explore Mumbai city .
I am going to to do all this and much, MUCH more.

Join me At forty and counting.
Let's count our blessings and maybe some curses. After all it ain't all black and white....
And send me some love today and always!

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